Incanto is one of the latest elegant textured vinyl collections with suedes and glitters. There are four design elements – a classical rose trail, a small scale geo leaf, a stunning Persian damask , and a semi plain with glimmers in the background . The colour palette ranges from neutrals, greens and greys to coppers and includes a bold teal and pink in the damask design.  The statement Persian damask is in keeping with the Global Fusion trend and there is evidence of this style in soft furnishings, wallcoverings, and accessories in the mass market for interiors.  While florals became less popular for a while, they are making a comeback and Rasch wanted to offer a sophisticated floral in the form of this subtle rose trail featuring a 4 wall white/glitter option as well as rose gold, silver and soft green, one of the pantone colours identified in the trends for 2017.



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